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AAP Flag

The Alliance of Atlantic Powers ::AAP〙 was formed in 2033 by the North Atlantic Republic. The AAP aims to secure the intrests and peace of it's member nations. The alliance is military focused.

Headquartered In New York City
Secretary General Robert Keinhower
Largest City New York City
Protectorates Iceland
Largest Armed Force 620,000 - American Union

Member StatesEdit

States With Full Member StatusEdit

Unions with autonomous states are marked in bold; unless states otherwise they are in the AAP with all associated members.

Global PartnersEdit

  • (Melanesia)

Military CapabilitiesEdit

Deployable Army: (Based off RL modern day populations compared to armed force)

Nation Deployable Army
American Union 620,000
Republic of France 72,000
Germanic Union 140,000
New Britannic Empire 128,000
Japan 152,000
Melanesia 275,000
Iberia 120,000



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