Alfonso III, (full name: Alfonso Juan Víctor de Bourbon y Ainarule) also known as Alfonso Juan, is the third Prince of the Asturias and King of the Kingdom of Spain and Western Sahara, first Hahir of the Kingdom of Spain, second Lagin of Union of Iberia and Colonies, and the (?)th Lagin of Laginia.

Prince of the AsturiasEdit

He is considered to be Spain's best king in the modern times. He was born to Prince Alfonso II and Princess Rinna in 2029 during King Alfonso I's rule. After Alfonso I was assinated, King Alfonso II took power. Eventually due to his unpopular policies that caused uproars across the Muslim world, he abdicated. Alfonso III then took power as King of Spain.

King of SpainEdit

Hahir of SpainEdit

Lagin of Iberia and LaginiaEdit

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