The city of Ahtiok was created during the early presidency of Carwen. It was designed to be a major port city that would help get Karkland back on its feet as it recovered from the GKR Civil War. It has ended up fullfilling this role and more.

Since its completion, Ahtiok has boasted many major advances in Karkland. It holds a top-of-the-line high tech hospital system which has been the main contributor for recent cures discovered in Karkland. Some of the disabilities cured include ADD, ADHD, and numerous types of flus and colds.

Another great breakthrough is its financial center. The skyscrapers of Ahtiok are responsible for much of the modernization taking place throughout the nation. New companies springing up in this area are helping to fund what President Carwen calls the 'Rebuilding Karkland Project'. Some of these buildings are even being studied by other engineers across the country to help with future cities.


  • Population: 1,890,340
  • Location: Manchuria
  • Main Exports: Rice, Fish
  • Main Imports: Steel
  • District: Ahtiok District
  • District Governor: Ubernt Opin
  • Mayor: Zux Lurew

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