Fleet Flagship: AUS Duke, Duke Class Mobile Air StationEdit

Active VesselsEdit

  • Duke Class Mobile Air Station
    • AUS Duke [Flagship] [Duke Task Force]
    • AUS Liberty (Under construction) [Liberty Task Force]
    • AUS Hudson (Under construction) [Hudson Task Force]
  • Albany Class Aircraft Carrier
    • AUS Albany (Scrapped, in Poland )
    • AUS Montpellier (Prepared for decommissioning upon AUS Liberty's commissioning)
    • AUS Manhattan (To be mothballed when AUS Hudson is commissioned)
  • Arleigh Burke Guided Missile Destroyer
    • AUS Arleigh Burke
    • AUS Nixon
    • AUS Eisenhower
    • AUS Nimitz
    • AUS Rhode Island
    • AUS Staten Island
    • AUS Philedelphia
    • AUS Hartford
    • AUS Springfield
    • AUS New Haven
    • AUS Providence
    • AUS Manchester
    • AUS Warwick
    • AUS Reading
    • AUS Lancaster
    • AUS York
  • Concord Class Stealth Destroyer
    • AUS Valiant
    • AUS Vanguard
    • AUS Maine
    • AUS Boston
  • Montpellier Class Nuclear Submarine
    • AUSV Montpellier
    • AUSV Governors Island

Hudson Bay Task ForceEdit

Littoral Combat VesselsEdit

  • AUS Hudson Bay Landing Vessel
The Hudson Bay is designed to run onto enemy beaches and coasts (Of almost any kind) and can drill a small cave in which to deploy troops in near vertical cliffs, while arming it with supports able to hold over 200 tons of weight above the cave. On beaches the troops are able to step onto dry land without issue.
  • AUS Columbia (Command Vessel)
The Columbia is equipt with a small tower to act as a kind of "Air Traffic Control" for the battle. It is capable of sending messages to other vessels in the accompanying fleet without electricity or satellites.
  • AUS Hive (Home to 14 drones)
Equipt with anti-projectile devices designed to protect the fleet around a 60 km radius, and is the deployment base for 14 drones designed to jam systems and evade anti-air systems. The drones carry 4 torpedoes, and 60 compact explosive devices.

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