The 8 Year Plan (also known as the 3 Step Plan or the Guinean Independence Plan) is a series of operations announced by Alfonso III and Juan de Haros in a joint statment during Alfonso's tour of Equatorial Guinea. The plan calls for the modernization and independence of Equatorial Guinea. It is split into 3 different steps which will take a total of 8 years (as it's name suggest).

Phase 1Edit

Phase 1, although the shortest phase, will continue throughout the entire plan, and some time after independence. It calls for the modernization and urbanization of inner Equatorial Guinea. Goals include but not limited to-

-Establish a nation comparable to European nations in terms of technology.

-Create technological industries to combat the oil industry's dominance over the current economy.

-Urbanize eastern parts of Equatorial Guinea and encourage people in villages to move into larger cities.

-Build hospitals throughout the nation, make universal healthcare system, and educate thousands of people to become doctors.

-Create an international highway to connect all parts of the mainland together.

-Connect all parts of the nation to a nationwide electric grid.

-Create a public schooling system and train people to become teachers.

-Upgrade current univerisities in Bata and Malabo.

-Build/upgrade stadiums, theaters, and other forms of entertainment throughout the nation.

-Build hydroplants, windmills, and fusion plants to power the nation.

Phase 2Edit

Phase 2 calls for the cre

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