Group A- Argentina (9|3W), Accran Pact (4|1W 1D 1L), Iran (1|1D 2L), Korea (2|2D 1L)

Group B- California-Hawaii (7|2W 1D), Greece (3|1W 2L), Ireland (0|3L), Scotland (7|2W 1D)

Group C- Iberia (9|3W), Poland (6|2W 1L), China (0|3L), Nigeria (3|1W 2L)

Group D- England (5|1W 2D), Yucatan (7|2W 1D), Nordic Union (4|1W 1D 1L), Japan (1|1D 2L)

Group E- Gran Colombia (9|3W), Wales (2|2D 1L), Turkey (4|1W 1D 1L), Romania (1|1D 2L)

Group F- Melanesia (0|3L), North Brazil (3|1W 2L), Germany (7|2W 1D), Benelux (7|2W 1D)

Group G- France (9|3W), Central Mexico (1|1D 2L), Confederate States (4|1W 1D 1L), Sweden (3|1W 2L)

Group H- South Brazil (7|2W 1D), Cameroon (4|1W 1D 1L), Russia (3|1W 2L), Texas (0|3L)

Bracket 1

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