The 2033 pandemic is a global pandemic involving a so far poorly understood virus, commonly referred to as "Virus X" or the "Saudi Virus". The virus was first recorded in samples taken following an alleged biological attack in downtown Honolulu, Hawai'i, by a Saudi Arabian operative. The virus has since been confirmed in several dozen countries, including but not limited to Hawai'i-Qatar, Honduras, Panama, Mexico, Mengjing, Manchukuo, Union of Iberia, Texas, former Auronitia, Argentina, Iran, El Salvador, and the Balkan Union. The virus was supposedly confirmed to be Saudi Arabian in origin after another allegedly Saudi Arabian operative launched a second biological attack in downtown Ankara, Turkey, during independence day celebrations.

Global efforts to stop the spread of this virus, which has been confirmed to of infected millions around the globe, and locate an effective treatment are presently being lead by South Germany, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Hawai'i-Qatar, California, Ohio, and Turkey as well as by organizations such as the World Health Coalition. Reports on this virus have so far been very erratic and contradictory, though the Hawaiian Royal Institute of Biological Defense (RIBD) initially reported common symptoms among infected patients including dizziness followed by entering a comatose state and later proceeded by massive organ failure. However, medical professionals in other countries with high infections have reported patients with symptoms that do not match those initially recorded by the RIBD.

There is presently some debate within the medical community over whether the virus was identified properly initially by Hawaiian officials and whether the virus unleashed in Honolulu is the same as that unleashed in Ankara. Due to the ongoing Honduran War and Saudi Arabian War, the Hawaiian-Qatari government has been unable to work closely with international organizations, foreign governments, and foreign medical communities to provide any insight to answer these inquiries. In early 2033, the government confirmed the dispatching of lead RIBD researchers, along with their files and samples relevant to the virus, to California to assist in research.

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