Getting InEdit

If you want your country in let me know in anyway you want. PM me, Post on the UMB webpage, Send me a wiki message, even as for my e-mail and e-mail me! Whatever works for you! Let me know the city. Lastly, If you want to place a bid and IF you get in you'll build your town let me know!

If a city does not meet the requirements then they shall be disqualified from the World Cup.

CURRENT BIDDERS OF 2016: (Maximum of 5 Bidders)Edit

Gohu/Kesa- Alesterlend (Cornbeef67) [Pts: 0]

Amsterdam- Flandic Republic (BloxDestroyer458) [Pts: 0] ??????-Gracana (Texar) [Pts: 0] ??????-Hong Kong (ElOrfanato) [Pts: 0]

Superior Bay City-Superior Bay (Niceguys12345) [Pts: 0]





3 points

2 points

4 points

13 points

Adult Host


Flandic Republic


1 point



4 points

3 points

2 points

Hong Kong


2 points

2 points

4 points

12 points

Youth Host

Superior Bay City

Superior Bay City


3 points

1 point

CURRENT BIDDERS OF 2018: (Maximum of 5 Bidders)Edit

CURRENT BIDDERS OF 2020: (Maximum of 5 Bidders)Edit

Ruajkala- Alesterlend (Cornbeef67) [Pts: 0]

CURRENT BIDDERS OF 2022: (Maximum of 5 Bidders)Edit


1. Must have at least 2 stadiums for the cup

2. Must have enough housing for the gorup

3. City must be 40studs x 40studs

4. Must be a relativlly safe city. Mild Crime, High Satisfactory Rating, etc.

5. City must have detail*

*Not a lot but enough to host the Cup


1st: Preliminary: brings it down to 4 competitors

2nd: Semi-Preliminary: Brings it down to 3 competitors

3rd: Semi-Finals: Brings it down to 2 Fianlists

4th: Finals: Determines the winner

Dropping OutEdit

If you wish not to compete anymore or wish to drop out, let me know so I can re-arrange the set-up. If you let me know during the determination round then it will drop down a number. Ex: If I have 4 countries during the Semi-Preliminary and 3 competitors leave then the winner is determined.

'Also the International World Cup Commitee (IWCC) (Cornbeef67) can determine if the winner is unfair by a poll. I WILL BE FAIR dont worry! 'I SWEAR I WILL BE FAIR.

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