This will be the places where Disasters will be posted and Explained. Need anything message me.

-Oil Disaster of 2035-Edit

-Events lead to it 2000 to 2030-

-2000- Many accounts of oil running out and what will we do when it does start to appear on news and other news related things.

-2008- Oil starts to be pumped in mass amounts in middle east, with the new nick name "Black Gold"

-2010- Small conflicts start too appear for oil resources but Middle East still own the Oil Trade.

-2012- Experts start to say the Oil fields are pumping more then they need.

-2013- Massive oil spills cause mass amounts of oil and money to be lost kill many fish and Animals.

-2013- The massive oil spills sheds light to world powers that Oil will not last forever.

-2014- Massive Storage of oil begins and oil is stop being pumped in some Oil fields until 2020.

-2016- Oil production boosts by 10% due too world needs of more power due too massive amounts of babies being born in the world.

-2016- Due too massive need of oil now some oil fields that are a post to be shut down until 2020 open early.

-2020- With need of oil more then ever, the oil fields that shut down in 2014 reopen.

-2020- Oil production in Middle East boost again by 5%.

-2026- Experts start to state that the Oil in Middle East are running lower then they though at 1st.

-2026- Companies ignore the experts and keep pumping oil more and more.

-2027- Experts start to re-calculate amount of oil in wells.

-2027- Wells start to run dry.

-2030- 3 Fields run dry

-2031-.Companies do not care about the 3 fields and still push forward with oil production.

-2032- Expert start to figure out that calculations were wrong in the 1st time but still no sure how wrong.

-2034- Companies start to figure out how to pump and sell oil in Middle east with out losing as much oil as it is.

-2034- Experts set announce date on January 1st 2035 to tell world news.

-2035- Experts announce that Oil in Middle east will be gone by 2037 due too human mistakes and not knowing how much oil they were really pump.

-2035 to Present-Edit


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