Scotland has started a small space program named National Space Oraganization of Scotland. This space program is a new one.

Rockets made: Succesfull flight's:

  1. (NSOS) Independance : Undecided

Rocket Plans:

  1. (NSOS) Independace [BUILT]
  2. (NSOS) York [PLANNING]
  3. (NSOS) Beyond 1 [PLANNING]
  4. (NSOS) Beyond 2 [PLANNING]

More Info:

                              (NSOS) Independance:

Independance is made to

  1. TEST a large rocket,
  2. Show the world we have great capabilities,
  3. Put a Satalite into orbit.

Independance has NSOS's First satalite aboard it, This satalite will be used for (Communication purposes) such as phones, TV, communication with other nation's ect.

                                    (NSOS) York:

York will be loaded with a spy satalite and its purpose is for Monitering other country's and Scotland (FOR DEFENCE ONLY)

                                The Beyond Project

The Beyond Project is to Land a (NSOS) Rover on Mars, There will be two rockets we will launch, The First (Beyond 1) will go into orbit with the (Moon) The second (Beyond 2) will shoot off to Beyond 1 and hook onto Beyond 1 for two full revaleations around the moon, Beyond 2 will then unhook from Beyond 1 and will act as a slingshot and will head off to mars. Beyond 1 will stay and examine the moons interier. Once Beyond 2 makes it to Mars it will split in halve then the rover moduale will shoot off into mars and land, examining Mars. The other Halve will not have a use it will just orbit around Mars untill it falls.

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