The (NNCS) National News Channel of ScotlandEdit

The National News Channel of Scotland!

Main News:Edit

  1. "New port is under construction"
  2. ("War with ireland over, Scotland succeed's ireland into scotland")
  3. Step two of operation blades edge is finished
  4. Step one of operation blades edge is finished
  5. "Critics call President Mad, For bringing a new nation into war for land expansion"
  6. ("The Federation of Scotland, Declares war on Third world country Ireland")
  7. Scotland is Renamed United Federation of Scotland
  8. Plans For a new city named (New Port)
  9. Rebuilding York under way!
  10. "(NSOS) Independance Is Finished!"
  11. Edinburgh's Walls Revamped!
  12. NSOS is founded, First NSOS Rocket on the way!
  13. Edinburgh's Walls being Revamped!
  14. NNCS is founded
  15. "Scotland's Navy in the making"
  16. Scotland Doubles funds on Defence!
  17. ("World War 1")
    • Scottish Troops Mobilizing, Operation Blades Edge is a go.
    • New Scottish Patrol Boats designed by Scottish Navy Being build to patrol our waters.
    • Two Scottish Battleship's Leave Edinburgh's Port, Heading Towards Irelands Coast.Go to
    • Scottish navy designs Scotland's first Aircraft carrier.
    • Scotland's navy building new Battleships, Scotland's navy getting larger and stronger.
  18. Scotland is a new Democracy!
  19. ("Scotland Founded!")

Blank - Means Normal News

"Blank" - Means important news

("Blank") - Very Important News

Other News: Edit

coming soon.

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